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Spell check of fuchsia

Correct spelling: fuchsia

elder, broom, mistletoe, flower, mayflower, holly, aqua, peony, brown, wallflower, bayberry, iris, sweet pea, anemone, rose of sharon, blackberry, blue, phlox, foxglove, lily, forsythia, hawthorn, chokeberry, narcissus, daisy, huckleberry, cowslip, pomegranate, petunia, geranium, strawflower, orchid, trillium, shrub, snowball, cornflower, tamarisk, larkspur, magenta, rosemary, morning-glory, oleander, buddleia, privet, indigo, yucca, forget-me-not, currant, jute, foxtail, biscuit, poppy, hepatica, juniper, gladiolus, sumac, bluebell, jasmine, goldenrod, locust, hibiscus, lavender, sisal, spiraea, daffodil, black, duckweed, viburnum, gardenia, hydrangea, rhododendron, milkwort, sweet william, African violet, apricot, alder, carnation, columbine, primrose, ranunculus, buttercup, flax, begonia, bronze, blueberry, bloodroot, poinsettia, lupine, zenobia, magnolia, cranberry, aster, jonquil, Queen Anne's lace, periwinkle, aquamarine, snapdragon, blackness, guava, hollyhock, lady's slipper, gooseberry, gorse, hyacinth, blackthorn, smilax, marigold, dahlia, acacia, snowberry, cotton, lilac, fleur-de-lis, violet, edelweiss, rose, amaryllis, dandelion, black-eyed susan, myrtle, verbena, pansy, wisteria, crocus, coca, dogwood, water lily, spirea, baby's breath, furze, poison sumac, laurel, buff, lotus, sunflower, honeysuckle, syringa, heather, clematis, sagebrush, mesquite, zinnia, mimosa, chrysanthemum, pussy willow, camellia, tulip, azalea.

Examples of usage:

1) She was not used to hedges of fuchsia. - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.

2) But only the date and name were written, when Betty, coming in with a few geranium leaves and a white fuchsia which she had purloined from her mistress' house plants, announced Mrs. Van Buren's arrival, and the pleasant morning was at an end. - "Ethelyn's Mistake", Mary Jane Holmes.

3) His white lilac and fuchsia- those were her favourite flowers he had discovered- were on a small table by her side, scenting the room faintly but definitely. - "Swirling Waters", Max Rittenberg.