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Spell check of flamboyant

Correct spelling: flamboyant

noisy, rhetorical, bodacious, forced, marked, embellished, loud, colorful, striking, bright, sweet wattle, ornate, glossy, boastful, commanding, gold, arresting, stilted, blatant, garish, fancy, conspicuous, sanguine, florid, flourishing, bombastic, sweet acacia, pretentious, remarkable, jazzy, affected, eloquent, sensational, Delonix Regia, rich, ponderous, extravagant, prominent, bold, gilt, vain, razzle-dazzle, grabby, scented wattle, fussy, jaunty, ostentatious, inflated, highfalutin, brilliant, exhibitionistic, aureate, swank, flaring, elaborate, cassie, emphatic, unrestrained, shameless, flame tree, ruddy, golden, baroque, glitzy, mimosa bush, lofty, splurgy, gaudy, flagrant, high-sounding, flashy, grandiose, peacock flower, snazzy, voluble, royal poinciana, catchy, dramatic, rococo, flaunting, bloated, rubicund, dashing, kenspeckle, Poinciana regia, grandiloquent, broad-leaved bottletree, splashy, fire tree, sporty, histrionic, rakish, flame durrajong, flowery, pompous, flaming, plain, eye-catching, pronounced, formal, gilded, showy, huisache, resplendent, opulent.

inconspicuous, subtle, toned-down, conservative, appropriate, dim, understated, undistinguished, unflashy, plain, modest, shrouded, insignificant, obscure, elegant, toned, unnoticeable, unostentatious, simple, faint, unemphatic, fitting, unpretending, restrained, quiet, unremarkable, concealed, unassuming, unaffected, hidden, tasteful, unpretentious, subdued, unobtrusive, muted, graceful, proper, unimportant.

Examples of usage:

1) In places too there are bits of old Gothic detail and one doorway of true Flamboyant work. - "Hospital Sketches", Robert Swain Peabody.

2) Neshevna pushed back her flamboyant gray hair and walked about the room. - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.

3) Begun in 1220, when all the structural problems of the pointed style had been finally solved, it was completed in 1272, and although it has more than once been seriously injured by fire, it has been so successfully restored that it still remains one of the noblest churches of Europe, the one thing detracting from the solemn beauty of its general external appearance being the later Flamboyant spire, that is quite out of character with the rest of the building. - "Architecture", Nancy R E Meugens Bell.