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Spell check of far

Correct spelling: far

outermost, long-lived, beyond, utmost, long, acute, direction, relatively, later, faraway, right, deep, cold, far-flung, very, isolated, extreme, before, much, sooner or later, distant, awful, progress, farthermost, by far, maturation, history, farthest, from, incomparably, long-drawn-out, out-of-the-way, than, tomorrow, about, around, quite, whereas, lonely, serious, little, outlying, ahead, extended, advance, momentum, when the time comes, further, desperate, all the way, away, severe, insofar as, removed, long-distance, furthest, development, out, after, greatly, far-off, inaccessible, notably, remote, considerably, long-term, well, rigorous, someday, along, considering, relative, by, farther, apart, next to, dire, great, immoderate, uttermost, across, furthermost, advancement, lengthy, grave, off the beaten track, big, profound.

contiguous, transient, nigh, abbreviated, fleeting, short, shortened, left, condensed, momentary, ephemeral, brief, near, adjacent, little, abrupt, shortish, adjoining, hot, short-range, moderate, impermanent, sudden, curtailed, short-term, mini, short-lived, warm, nearby, transitory, close.

Examples of usage:

1) How far up am I? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) So He is not far from any one of us. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

3) The other end is so far away ye can't see it. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.