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Spell check of Family

Correct spelling: Family

home base, commonwealth, company, theater, nursing home, business firm, alliance, rubric, menage, household, society, family unit, base, birth, line, kinsfolk, gang, ring, ethnic music, fatherhood, stamp, familial, kin, maternity, homely, series, brotherhood, variety, home, breed, community, relationship, cousin, father, level, uncle, genotype, paternity, type, label, class, precede, domicile, sign, home plate, pool, denomination, human beings, ancestor, phylum, crime syndicate, theatre, successor, feather, sister, kind, kin group, step, relation, kinship group, common people, dwelling house, blood, motherhood, populace, flesh, humankind, division, mother, human race, social class, domestic, parentage, sisterhood, degree, classification, descendant, tier, rest home, brand, posterity, dwelling, citizenry, order, abode, make, companionship, species, league, offspring, sort, house, firm, set, people, child, niece, mansion, folks, stock, course of study, rank, kindred, ilk, fraternity, sept, kinfolk, kinship, genealogy, persuasion, man, consanguinity, phratry, public, sign of the zodiac, fruit, year, brother, stripe, folk music, mankind, syndicate, culture, taxonomy, socio-economic class, mold, stratum, extraction, aunt, kingdom, category, kinsperson, nephew, pack, planetary house, seed, fellowship, family line, style, grain, affinity, lineage, race, tribe, group, origin, star sign, course of instruction, designation, consortium, course, caste, folk, mob, pedigree, descent, rabble, strain, genus, plate, relative, habitation, rout, ancestry, grade, form, humanity, issue, bracket, place, bloodline, heredity, tribal, clan.

birth, descent, origin, pedigree, ancestry, extraction.

Examples of usage:

1) Where were the family at that time? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Miranda Venables came to see Betty the day before her family left Naples. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) How she came into my brother's family, you yourself know. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.