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Spell check of Evolvement

Correct spelling: Evolvement

growth, progress, eradication, deracination, removal, change, amputation, evolution, excavation, development, extrication, withdrawal, extraction, evulsion, unfolding, drawing.

Examples of usage:

1) He paused again- and after a minute or two of silence, went on- This beautiful earth, this over- arching sky, the exquisite things of Nature's form and loveliness, are all given to Man, not only for his material needs, but for his spiritual growth and evolvement. - "The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance", Marie Corelli.

2) This awesome and lonely human capacity for choice and novel evolvement presents both hope and fear as regards the unfolding of human" moreness" - "Humanistic-Nursing", Paterson, Josephine G..

3) Human endeavor between man and men in their- worlds, in this instance professional clinical nursing, if explored and described is viewed as contributing to man's human evolvement and to knowledge of the human condition and how man becomes. - "Humanistic-Nursing", Paterson, Josephine G..