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Spell check of erupt

Correct spelling: erupt

fall out, shoot, boil, snap off, deep-six, give away, bump, fail, lop, get out, soften, intrude, weaken, oppugn, blotch, turn up, disclaim, enkindle, give way, unwrap, blacklist, break through, crop up, offend, hit the roof, eruct, junk, bar, catch fire, spurt, vent, relegate, demote, combust, cave in, burn up, crop, discontinue, irrupt, jettison, conk out, go ballistic, intermit, come to the fore, wake, dormant, chop, bug out, inflame, pop, extinct, check, split up, fire up, break away, heat, active, fly off the handle, shed, show up, go, better, smash, let on, flip one's lid, belch, secrete, come out of the closet, spring, throw a fit, start, flame up, exhaust, drain, turn out, roar, step forward, break dance, disclose, curtail, come forth, disallow, break off, pause, interrupt, bubble, reject, discard, blackball, vomit, disapprove, go bad, abandon, cull, sneak up, come in, come through, part, rant, emit, seethe, ruin, protrude, pop up, break, step up, extravasate, strike, let out, eject, fume, collapse, jet, abrasion, shoot up, athlete's foot, burst out, surface, dampen, go against, flame, emerge, blister, breach, place, blackhead, exude, bedsore, abscess, break open, abound, scrap, stop, rage, blaze up, spout, blow a fuse, fall apart, break in, egress, bulge, fall in, split, discover, step to the fore, fracture, wear, burn, spew, lose one's temper, bring out, seep, blemish, deny, divulge, bankrupt, kindle, bust, blaze, burst, black eye, kick downstairs, shear, lava, take fire, spring up, excise, snip, come on, expel, violate, die, rampage, bulge out, discharge, light, push through, flare-up, flip one's wig, recrudesce, infract, have kittens, burp, trash, storm, hit the ceiling, come out, issue, clip, descend on, break up, disgorge, volcano, exclude, excrete, go forth, out, conflagrate, blow up, get around, bristle, break out, explode, burst forth, flare, develop, come forward, founder, ignite, separate, blow one's stack, reveal, appear, expose, come apart, give, crater, volcanic, cut, give out, have a fit, break down, stir up, supervene, damp, explosion, wear out, eliminate, jilt, evacuate, flare out, pop out, transgress.

bottle, shut, contain, restrain.

Examples of usage:

1) If this thing is really sick at the stomach, when will it erupt? - "The Lost City", Joseph E. Badger, Jr..

2) The debate grew so heated that it appeared war could erupt again. - "The Black Experience in America The Immigrant Heritage of America", Norman Coombs.

3) We will continue to help shape the forces of change, to anticipate emerging problems of nuclear proliferation and conventional arms sales, and to use our great strength parts of the world before they erupt and spread. - "State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter", Jimmy Carter.