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Spell check of eradication

Correct spelling: eradication

neutralization, denial, ostracism, holocaust, retraction, exile, disbarment, annihilation, expatriation, expurgation, seclusion, extrication, negation, drawing, blackballing, extirpation, liquidation, disallowance, decimation, abolition, disintegration, deracination, reclusion, anonymity, invalidation, repudiation, aloofness, blacklisting, misanthropy, dissolution, extradition, boycott, excision, extinction, ban, extermination, keep, loneliness, removal, refutation, extinguishment, alienation, make, disavowal, excavation, xenophobia, riddance, ejection, banishment, segregation, help, forbiddance, disapproval, renouncement, rejection, isolation, annulment, undoing, evolvement, separation, abandonment, abnegation, destruction, nullification, evulsion, relegation, deletion, divorce, purge, wreckage, captivity, disaffirmation, obliteration, excommunication, vaporization, deportation, abolishment, clearance, confinement, cancellation, censorship, exclusion, extraction, standoffishness, disclamation, curtailment, amputation, withdrawal, proscription, revocation, devastation, abscission, detachment, prohibition, elimination, expulsion, aloneness, erasure, apartheid, solitude, desolation, dismissal.

Examples of usage:

1) A little more memory on the part of the husband will prove a powerful remedy for the eradication of unhappy marriages and for the lessening of divorces. - "The Jericho Road", W. Bion Adkins.

2) Moreover, Spencer should not have needed reminding that systems of thought while they have any vital relation to life will successfully defy all attempts at eradication. - "A Grammar of Freethought", Chapman Cohen.

3) He knew how serious the question of Christianity was at that moment, and how determined the Imperial Government was on the eradication of its professors; he was a good soldier, devoted to head- quarters, and had no wish to compromise himself with his superiors, or to give bystanders an advantage over him, by setting a prisoner at liberty without inquiry, who had been taken in a Christian's house. - "Callista", John Henry Cardinal Newman.