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Spell check of equatorial

Correct spelling: equatorial

tropical, hot, torrid, central, pantropical, pantropic, tropic.

north-polar, south-polar, temperate, polar, Arctic, Antarctic, circumpolar.

Examples of usage:

1) If we imagine ourselves standing at a little distance at a point on the equatorial line and able to see these loops of strain as they pass, we should recognise a procession of loops, consisting of alternately directed strain lines marching past. - "Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy", John Ambrose Fleming.

2) But for even the largest telescopes this machinery consists of the following parts, which are illustrated, with exception of the last one, in the small equatorial telescope shown in Fig. - "A Text-Book of Astronomy", George C. Comstock.

3) Twenty- five days later, when the same face of the sun comes back into view again, after making a complete revolution about the axis, the equatorial parts will have moved so much faster and farther than those in higher latitudes that the meridian will be warped as in the second diagram, and still more warped after another and another revolution, as shown in the figure. - "A Text-Book of Astronomy", George C. Comstock.