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Spell check of Engird

Correct spelling: Engird

band, edge, cincture, compass, ring, wrap, begird, girdle, encompass, belt, gird, enwind, girth, engirdle, girt.

unshackle, unwind, unwrap, untie, ungird, unbind, unlash.

Examples of usage:

1) No sense that for ever the limits of sense engird, No hearing or sight that is vassal to form or speech, Learns ever the secret that shadow and silence teach, Hears ever the notes that or ever they swell subside, Sees ever the light that lights not the loud world's tide, Clasps ever the cause of the lifelong scheme's control Wherethrough we pursue, till the waters of life be dried, The goal that is not, and ever again the goal. - "A Midsummer Holiday and Other Poems", Algernon Charles Swinburne.