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Spell check of emptiness

Correct spelling: emptiness

abandonment, munchies, inanity, vacantness, conceitedness, vacuum cleaner, naught, nil, abstraction, starkness, loneliness, omission, famishment, nihility, want, blankness, dresser, bleakness, toilet table, meaninglessness, hollowness, nothingness, vacancy, appetite, conceit, bareness, void, exhaustion, full, brainlessness, stomach, self-love, vacuousness, belly, lack, mirage, null, inanition, dressing table, phantom, nullity, thoughtlessness, unreasonableness, vacuum, zero, gap, chasm, mindlessness, black hole, nonentity, apparition, impalpability, vacuity, blank, immateriality, truancy, amour propre, desert, spectre, nonexistence, unreality, fatuity, insignificance, barrenness, vanity, intangibility, absence, desolation, cipher.

glut, satiation, repleteness, repletion, fullness, abundance, inappetence, satiety, fatness, surfeit, satisfaction, completeness, fill.

Examples of usage:

1) The magnetism of Evanthia's personality, a magnetism which made him feel, in her presence, that she was capable of achieving anything she desired, and which is sometimes confused with the faculty of command, was wearing away in the chill, dark emptiness of the night. - "Command", William McFee.

2) The need to produce with rapidity, and the effect of later fashions which did not suit his own nature so well, induced him to give up a very deliberate style suited to his quick perception of beauty in everyday incident, for one that sometimes only achieved emptiness in its attempt at breadth. - "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians", T. Martin Wood.

3) Feeling like a put- upon fool, Captain Iversen read a short prayer as Bridey's slight body was consigned to the vast emptiness of space. - "Once a Greech", Evelyn E. Smith.