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Spell check of elms

Correct spelling: elms

cedars, breadfruits, apples, mangroves, larches, oranges, banyans, trees, lindens, hazels, citrons, laurels, mahoganies, coconuts, avocados, oaks, sandalwoods, elders, almonds, sycamores, cherries, gums, mulberries, lemons, beeches, palms, ashes, cypresses, butternuts, birches, poplars, locusts, weeping willows, redwoods, junipers, apricots, balsas, sequoias, eucalyptuses, limes, rosewoods, teaks, ironwoods, balsams, maples, pecans, mountain ashes, hickories, acacias, cashews, cassias, cottonwoods, peaches, willows, figs, yews, magnolias, firs, aspens, pines, papayas, pears, chestnuts, mimosas, dogwoods, alders, ebonies, tamaracks, spruces, quinces, walnuts.

Examples of usage:

1) Sometimes her long hair would be unbound on her shoulders, sometimes her little figure would be leaping lightly up as she caught at the lowest boughs of the curb elms, and sometimes her hand would be moving swiftly back and forth above her heart. - "Friendship Village", Zona Gale.

2) He directed his steps along a narrow pathway, shaded by young elms, towards one of the gates of the park. - "In Search of a Son", William Shepard Walsh.

3) A more pleasant drive of about four or five miles from the centre of the city, over a far better road than that which leads to Sparrow Hill, will take the stranger to a most delightful place of resort known as the Petrofski Park, ornamented with noble old elms in great variety, flower- beds, blooming shrubbery, fountains, and delightfully smooth roads. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.