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Spell check of elevated

Correct spelling: elevated

imposing, lordly, soaring, deluxe, elevation, exhilarated, added, enraptured, prominent, rapturous, airy, heightened, princely, upraised, advanced, up, acclaimed, heroic, rhapsodic, elevated railway, rattling, happy, magnified, sublime, high-flown, broadened, raised, magnanimous, scaled, elate, noteworthy, increased, towering, amplified, luxurious, noble-minded, tall, overhead railway, heady, empyrean, marvellous, reared, mounted, euphoric, nosebleed, reverend, sumptuous, notorious, famed, rarefied, great, mythical, fabled, lengthened, natural, proud, howling, reinforced, lifted, widened, eloquent, exalted, legendary, formal, erected, expanded, jacked, eminent, high-sounding, chivalrous, marvelous, empyreal, noble, remarkable, multiplied, memorable, gilded, altitude, preeminent, well-known, rose, rapt, extended, fantastic, magisterial, floated, augmented, tremendous, distinguished, rare, moral, ideal, elevated railroad, style, increase, inflated, additional, opulent, giddy, high-minded, esteemed, intoxicated, accrued, rarified, larger, enrapt, renowned, pronounced, idealistic, greathearted, el, escalated, entranced, wonderful, high-ranking, lofty, high, grown, illustrious, majestic, august, boosted, popular, overhead, rise, overjoyed, stately, wondrous, terrific, celebrated, expansive, fattened, dignified, big, famous, notable, reputed, elated, enlarged, lofted, gallant, grand, swollen, aerial, uplifted, risen, steep.

discreditable, forlorn, degrading, stunted, low-lying, degraded, rude, brokenhearted, sunken, depressed, little, reduced, vile, ignominious, squalid, mean, knockdown, joyless, vicious, descendant, ungrammatical, hangdog, ineloquent, uneducated, ill-bred, melancholy, downcast, casual, sad, despondent, repulsive, low, unliterary, unbookish, dropped, inferior, blue, lousy, dejected, heartsick, unhappy, small-minded, uncouth, rough, nethermost, ignoble, base, abreast, downhearted, humiliating, deep, common, hateful, sorrowful, vernacular, heartsore, coarse, detestable, unrefined, undermost, even, short, gloomy, ugly, crestfallen, debased, under, indecent, lowbrow, woebegone, fallen, squat, miserable, lowered, lowbred, woeful, disconsolate, sorry, inconsolable, degenerate, descending, crude, saddened, dirty, unpolished, abominable, uncultured, unlearned, low-spirited, tasteless, undignified, contemptible, slangy, colloquial, level, dastardly, offensive, down, gross, crass, conversational, mournful, incorrect, narrow, grounded, glum, receded, decreased, disheartened, lowermost, dwarfed, wretched, despicable, uncultivated, informal, vulgar, heartbroken, sordid, substandard, doleful, nonformal.

Examples of usage:

1) In front of this door was a small, elevated platform, not over six feet square. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) " Luckily," I thought, as we rode down- town on the elevated, " we shan't be here long." - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) I saw to my left three Indians standing on a slightly elevated ground, and I raised my rifle to fire. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.