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Spell check of elder

Correct spelling: elder

larch, mimosa, fuchsia, jute, nestor, chokeberry, big, spruce, elder statesman, redwood, gooseberry, banyan, rosemary, birch, adviser, clanswoman, better, balsam, blueberry, mesquite, fir, youth, tamarisk, alder, beech, old, elm, ironwood, cranberry, cashew, sequoia, fig, breadfruit, ash, abbess, bay tree, walnut, orange, cypress, mulberry, cedar, cherry, lilac, poplar, oak, mountain ash, bayberry, heather, sagebrush, abbot, bay, laurel, linden, ancient, pussy willow, aging, ebony, hibiscus, spiraea, guava, geriatric, weeping willow, yew, poison sumac, counselor, archbishopric, dogwood, doyen, consultant, tamarack, eucalyptus, charge, milkwort, mahogany, acacia, grown up, careline, avocado, willow, peach, gardenia, aged, higher-up, cottonwood, dependent, holly, over, bishop, oldster, career coach, privet, cardinal, teak, syringa, council, adult, pomegranate, advisor, superior, citron, azalea, cotton, blood, blackthorn, coconut, mistletoe, archdeacon, myrtle, balsa, sycamore, old-timer, senior citizen, apricot, golden ager, chestnut, furze, the Archbishop of Canterbury, clansman, pine, mangrove, blood relation, Dutch uncle, sumac, locust, rosewood, archbishop, lemon, sr., pecan, elderly, shrub, palm, elderberry bush, bishopric, oleander, forsythia, lime, venerable, blackberry, butternut, quince, huckleberry, papaya, zenobia, sandalwood, juniper, back seat driver, almond, apple, decrepit, sisal, maple, pear, cassia, eldest, senior, hickory, gorse, rose of sharon, tree, gum, ranking, woman, man, rhododendron, aspen, baobab, canon, older, black sheep, magnolia, currant.

descendant, freshman, subordinate, doyenne, assistant, recruit, junior, kiddie, minor, colt, contemporary, newcomer, juvenile, newbie, adolescent, neophyte, inferior, deputy, beginner, younger, novice, greenhorn, baby, successor, peer, youth, fledgling, tenderfoot, youngster, cub, child, underling, little, kid, rookie, tyro.

Examples of usage:

1) I wonder why his mother and the Elder never go out for any fun, the way you and father do! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) He did- but- Elder, will you come with us? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) There is something for you to do, Elder Craigmile. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.