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Spell check of drool

Correct spelling: drool

fudge, hokum, folly, see, fib, trash, blarney, tarradiddle, look around, bunkum, examine, blah, hawk, filter, applesauce, garbage, trickle, slush, flannel, rhapsodize, carry, dribbling, bunk, pucker, twaddle, trumpery, poppycock, folderol, fiddle, muck, spittle, moonshine, nuts, shut, senselessness, guff, mouth, take in, bilgewater, dupery, boloney, inspect, foolishness, punk, slabber, snake oil, ooze, balderdash, silliness, malarkey, drop, humbuggery, rubbish, bull, flapdoodle, dry, hogwash, tosh, nerts, drivel, blatherskite, bilge, crock, crapola, hoax, codswallop, want, story, look, humbug, salivate, dribble, open, blather, survey, baloney, taradiddle, beans, stare, tale, fraudulence, slobber, jazz, fiddlesticks, gaze, piffle, rot, hooey, fiddle-faddle, hoodoo, stupidity, put-on, fraud, blither, check on, drip, tommyrot, claptrap, bosh, horsefeathers, slaver.

horse sense, sensibleness, rationality, reasonability, sense, wisdom, common sense, levelheadedness, discernment, judgment, reasonableness.

Examples of usage:

1) Secretly coiled beneath bushes, where he befouls the sweet wellsprings, Turning to poisonous drool Cupid's lifegiving dew. - "Erotica Romana", Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

2) Now you are old, Pierrot, And drool to your guitar, I do not cast you off. - "Precipitations", Evelyn Scott.

3) A couple of inches shorter than the green- haired girl, she too had a figure to make any sculptor drool. - "The Galaxy Primes", Edward Elmer Smith.