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Spell check of distant

Correct spelling: distant

outback, nonidentical, indistinct, undemonstrative, illegitimacy, foreign, cold, unsociable, distinctive, removed, upstage, unconnected, remote, outlying, diffuse, beyond, out-of-town, unresponsive, indirect, neutral, impertinent, dissimilar, when the time comes, buttoned-up, tomorrow, sooner or later, restrained, aloof, passive, ulterior, nonadjacent, standoffish, blank, legitimate, near, deep, controlled, sparse, Godforsaken, withdrawn, unemotional, inaccessible, yonder, standoff, contradictory, hostile, spaced out, abroad, familial, offish, separate, packed, impassive, outermost, distinct, contrary, abstracted, outside, yon, illegitimate, separated, apart, asocial, hot, uncommunicative, someday, transatlantic, irrelevant, later, filial, reticent, family, solitary, opposed, disparate, far-off, away, reserved, antisocial, chill, cool, far-flung, isolated, absent, unalike, loosely knit, detached, far, out of sight, close, farther, indifferent, different, conflicting, unlike, unclubbable, strange, chilly, attitude, dry, unapproachable, extreme, backwoods, afar, faraway, time, frosty, other, kinship, distinguishable, vacantly, preoccupied, scattered, cold-eyed, antipodal, asunder, adjacent, contrasted, inattentive, direct, neglectful, further, lonely, unbending, inappropriate, emotionless, diverse.

convivial, enveloping, comparable, snuggled, close-knit, impending, akin, parallel, side by side, appropriate, relevant, agreeable, talkative, clubbable, adjacent, cordial, indistinguishable, homologous, clubby, uniform, approximate, chummy, appressed, thick, proximate, intimate, good, companionable, close-set, friendly, identical, folksy, genial, unreserved, homogenous, cozy, warm, surrounding, kin, close-hauled, kindly, scalelike, confidential, gracious, nestled, hospitable, similar, adjoining, homological, familiar, close at hand, expansive, homogeneous, analogous, communicative, walking, encompassing, proper, garrulous, near, ambient, affable, buddy-buddy, boon, dear, at hand, walk-to, immediate, selfsame, nearby, neighborly, like, tantamount, alike, social, juxtaposed, outgoing, adpressed, sociable, impendent, contiguous, nigh, extroverted, closely knit, same, germane, hand-to-hand, equivalent, close together, equal, imminent, gregarious, congenial, amiable, related, close, pertinent, apropos, kindred, essential, next.

Examples of usage:

1) He was cold, silent, and distant as a boy, and he 's the same as a man. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) But still her eyes did not leave that last distant line of open water. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) With the Pole only twenty- nine miles distant, more sleep was quite impossible. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.