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Spell check of dictaphone

Correct spelling: dictaphone

CD, document, audiovisual, DAT, dub out, celluloid, dub, dub in, audiotape.

Examples of usage:

1) He replaced the receiver and picked up the mouthpiece of the dictaphone again, paying no further attention to me. - "Greener Than You Think", Ward Moore.

2) Since my wife knows nothing about a dictaphone, it will be necessary for you to set this record running. - "In the Dark", Ronal Kayser.

3) So I devised a scheme: I took a satchel, And put in it a dictaphone, and when A cylinder was full I'd stoop and put My hand among my bottles in the satchel, As if I was compounding medicine, Instead I'd put another cylinder on. - "Toward the Gulf", Edgar Lee Masters.