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Spell check of dawdling

Correct spelling: dawdling

moderate, poking, toying, lagging, wasting time, retarding, coquetry, lingering, deliberate, dragging, languid, slack, dallying, creeping, snaillike, inactive, flirtation, slow, vacillating, dilly-dallying, slowing, inert, loitering, hindering, filibustering, snail-paced, delaying, slowpoke, dillydallying, gradual, procrastinating, leisurely, unhurried, dilatory, lethargic, trudging, tardy, flirt, crawling, sluggish, laggard, phlegmatic, plodding, trifling, dull, dalliance, stalling, hesitating, poky, pokey, flirting, drowsy.

hurrying, accelerated, rapid, expeditious, quick, hasty, swift, flying, barreling, bolting, lightning, whirling, scurrying, breakneck, scudding, whisking, quickened, brisk, speedy, whirlwind, rushed, fast, running, careering, meteoric, scooting, fleet, snappy, speeding, breathless, rocketing, zipping, ready, hastened, prompt, rushing, racing, dizzy, hurried.

Examples of usage:

1) One day, three or four weeks after the August Bank Holiday, she saw him dawdling along the pavement, and it suddenly struck her that she had not seen him for a long time; but she had been so full of her happiness that she had been unable to think of anyone but Jim. - "Liza of Lambeth", W. Somerset Maugham.

2) No, it had not been a dawdling day for him at all; on the contrary, he had not had time to glance at a single newspaper, and now, as he got some hot drink for himself and lit his pipe and hauled in an easy- chair to the fire, he thought he would look over the evening journals. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.

3) Now Maurice Mangan had spoken of his dawdling about this house; but the fact was that he had his hands full from morning till night. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.