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Spell check of Dairymen

Correct spelling: Dairymen

Examples of usage:

1) Small tradesmen such as dairymen, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, and chandlers delivered to regular customers food bought from distributing centers. - "Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed.", S. A. Reilly.

2) He disdained to recognize the cows and gave but a supercilious curl of his tail even to the most affable of the dairymen. - "Sigurd Our Golden Collie and Other Comrades of the Road", Katharine Lee Bates.

3) Our coachman bought a penny's worth of sweet bread in one of the groceries that we passed, and when we reached the first grove he uttered a cry similar to that which New England dairymen use in calling their cattle. - "Modern India", William Eleroy Curtis.