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Spell check of convalesce

Correct spelling: convalesce

snap back, fight off, strengthen, heal, remedy, find, revive, rehabilitate, cure, recuperate, pull round, invigorate, pull through, regain, rally, reclaim, nurse, shake, health, respond, retrieve, improve, restore, come back, gain, recoup, survive, mend, go back, perk up, recover, make well.

degenerate, wither, regress, relapse, fade, waste, drop, ail, weaken, come down, fail, collapse, sink, worsen, languish, wilt, deteriorate, decline, sicken.

Examples of usage:

1) In time I began to get about on crutches, and the question next arose where I was to go and convalesce, and the then strange, but now all too familiar phrase was first heard. - "Fanny Goes to War", Pat Beauchamp.

2) The moment the hospital physicians consented, Jim Hosley would be removed to a spot where he might convalesce without fear of molestation. - "Cupid's Middleman", Edward B. Lent.

3) For three long weeks Eileen lay ill with burning fever, and always there were fresh red roses, but he himself did not come until Eileen began to convalesce. - "Reno A Book of Short Stories and Information", Lilyan Stratton.