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Spell check of congenial

Correct spelling: congenial

acquiescent, tasty, joyful, complaisant, amiable, chatty, friendly, understanding, favorable, clubby, agreeable, savory, affectionate, restful, sweet, dulcet, pleasant, empathetic, likeable, attractive, palatable, chummy, optimistic, willing, conformable, bright, hospitable, nice, sociable, accordant, good-tempered, capitulating, pleasurable, delicious, hearty, folksy, companionable, like-minded, happy, lively, delightsome, united, correspondent, courteous, warm, jaunty, grateful, consistent, consensual, suitable, neighborly, attitude, kindred, pleased, acceptable, genial, enjoyable, cordial, heavenly, co-operative, empathic, delectable, convivial, buoyant, consonant, luscious, warmhearted, relaxing, like, welcoming, gracious, close, blessed, pleasing, intimate, spirited, sparkling, gabby, harmonious, jolly, dreamy, warm-hearted, sunny, satisfying, affable, agree, pretty, merry, sympathetic, frictionless, darling, genuine, easygoing, welcome, lighthearted, lovely, cheery, felicitous, cheerful, gratifying, congruous, vivacious, delightful, amicable, assenting, good, glad, unanimous, spontaneous, concordant, good-natured, corresponding, compatible, garrulous, gregarious, talkative, refreshing.

disheartening, dull, sorrowful, joyless, hellish, abominable, boring, contentious, detestable, horrid, infuriating, exasperating, upsetting, saddening, unwelcome, competitive, dreary, irritating, gloomy, distasteful, peeving, bilious, forbidding, dismal, stale, outraging, antagonistic, ghastly, disagreeable, painful, aggravating, horrible, disharmonious, incompatible, unsympathetic, lugubrious, displeasing, unfriendly, obnoxious, contradicting, odious, vexing, quarrelsome, disgusting, antipathetic, repugnant, opposing, yucky, wretched, competing, conflicting, unpalatable, god-awful, tedious, inflaming, lachrymose, depressing, revulsive, intimidating, hostile, mournful, disappointing, commonplace, uncongenial, unsavory, dissatisfying, disturbing, inimical, miserable, distressing, maddening, contradictory, heartbreaking, repellent, contrary, riling, pleasureless, flat, disunited, offensive, discordant, unhappy, belligerent, vile, repulsive, opposite, lamentable, regrettable, hateful, perturbing, sad, deplorable, heartrending, insipid, rivaling, incensing, abhorrent, enraging, dolorous, angering, annoying, rankling, clashing, doleful, tragic, woful, melancholy, inharmonious, irksome, unpleasant.

Examples of usage:

1) She had been quick to recognize something she found congenial in his voice and manner, though none of the points she noticed would in all probability have appealed to her husband. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) But in spite of his virtue Mr. Spokesly found him congenial. - "Command", William McFee.

3) Some eminent writer, he replies, gets a start by a style congenial to the minds around him. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.