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Spell check of confidence

Correct spelling: confidence

trustfulness, hunch, high-handedness, egoism, audacity, anticipation, smugness, intrepidness, bureau, yearning, effrontery, aspiration, say-so, credence, vanity, pledge, conviction, beyond (any) doubt, stock, corporate trust, certitude, sureness, combine, dominance, condescension, face, resoluteness, chutzpah, intimacy, cool, stoutheartedness, nerve, optimism, firmness, haughtiness, assertion, certain, self-esteem, assumption, authorization, self-reliance, reliance, poise, cartel, desire, potency, assurance, cockiness, expectation, sanction, trust, cocksureness, positiveness, self-possession, grit, self-glory, trade secret, boldness, stealth, aplomb, secrecy, faith, ostentation, presumption, valor, grandness, fearlessness, federal agency, self-trust, heart, daring, spirit, self-confidence, pluck, hardihood, self-assurance, satisfaction, resolution, confidentiality, surety, trustingness, courage, conceit, huffiness, authorisation, mettle, irrefutability, certainty, dash, agency, self-assuredness, attitude, spunk, conspiracy of silence, fortitude, determination, high-and-mightiness, guarantee, contemplation, belief, doubtlessness, narcissism, authority, assuredness, arrogance, wish, dependence, state secret, backbone, eagerness, overconfidence, bravery, pride, government agency, intrepidity, tenacity, morale, office, composure, heroism, hidden agenda, secret, hope, temerity, self-assertion, impudence.

disillusion, indecisiveness, misdoubt, bashfulness, anxiety, concern, mistrustfulness, open secret, self-doubt, doubt, dismay, hesitation, disillusionment, distrustfulness, confusion, irresolution, skepticism, timidity, incertitude, consternation, self-distrust, diffidence, unbelief, hesitancy, dubiousness, uncertainty, apprehension, mistrust, misgiving, disenchantment, insecurity, uncertainness, incredulity, suspicion, distrust, disbelief, dubiety, shyness.

Examples of usage:

1) You cannot suppose that I exact this confidence? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) After that his confidence returned. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) I believe you, or I'd never have taken you into my confidence. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.