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Spell check of comfortable

Correct spelling: comfortable

cozy, manageable, suitable, friendly, lovely, attractive, at ease, easygoing, brief, wanton, cushy, trouble-free, flourishing, black and blue, relaxing, excess, thriving, comfortably off, homelike, commodious, well-heeled, cornucopian, bountiful, satisfactory, aplenty, plenty, wounded, homely, canny, injured, contend, cosy, burned-out, content, nice, baggy, calm, brownstone, happy, satisfied, comfy, soothing, simple, homy, competent, light, serene, affluent, favorable, insensitive, loose, best, galore, casual, agreeable, sufficient, prosperous, leisurely, good, mindless, complacent, well-off, hurt, luxurious, rich, relaxed, spacious, backless, battered, relieved, wide, promiscuous, genial, hardball, sheltered, untroubled, tranquil, chilled, soft, satisfying, enough, balmy, insensible, snug, palatial, pleasing, pleased, restored, cheerful, well-to-do, bounteous, contented, numb, abundant, convincing, healthy, competitive, uneasy, thrive, decisive, roomy, miserable, go to sleep, pleasant, prospering, palmy, acceptable, analgesia, wealthy, warm, wretched, colonial, button-through, booming, adequate, A-line, comforted, cut up, rested, enjoyable, civilized, undemanding, decent, salubrious, convenient, cavernous, at rest, painless, uncomfortable, laid-back, effortless, carbuncle, handsome, hot, elementary, hotly, carpeted, well-fixed, liberal, cheery, cool, critical, folksy, intimate, golden, easeful, generous, dead, appointed, ample, placid, sluttish, out of action, easy, roaring, gentle, plenteous, useful, lame, boot-cut, composed, nonchalant, protected, well-situated, cramped, favourable, lucky, halcyon, button-down, baronial, numbing, devastating, beachfront, gratifying, pleasurable, clingy, homey, restful.

disturbed, dissatisfied, scant, awkward, minimal, painful, unproductive, unpleasant, perturbed, discontented, light, troubled, ill at ease, poor, insufficient, wanting, agitated, wretched, uneasy, inadequate, inhospitable, uncomfortable, small, niggardly, infertile, meager, tough, stingy, bare, skimpy, barren, distressed, narrow, harsh, disquieting, uninviting, least, self-conscious, dreary, hard, slight, warm, miserable, irritating, displeased, minimum, disagreeable, severe, cheerless, lacking, comfortless, forlorn, deficient, unfruitful, spare, sterile, bad.

Examples of usage:

1) But she was purty comfortable th' rest of th' time? - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) You will know what to do for her, and I will leave her while I make things more comfortable in there. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) A more comfortable night was impossible. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.