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Spell check of chromatic

Correct spelling: chromatic

blueish, mummy-brown, snuff, rainbow, canary, florid, ocher, copper colored, blood-red, lilac, bronze, multihued, amethyst, azure, yellow, full-colored, cresson, musciform, powder blue, coloring, chukker-brown, rosy, motley, rosaceous, blue, dun, cerulean, tan, dyed, various, blue-green, blushful, colorful, mouse-colored, honey, sage green, depth, khaki, mosstone, brownish, varied, bluish, jade-green, greenish, high-colored, light-blue, magenta, pea green, cerise, caramel, violet, cyan, yellow-green, polychrome, contrast, jade, multicolored, sky-blue, pink, earthlike, chinese-red, umber, carnation, bluish green, vivid, discoloration, sage, fuscous, cinnabar, snuff-brown, ruby-red, coppery, olive, ruddy, gilded, intense, hued, ultramarine, tawny, amber, vermillion, sharp, dark-green, cherry red, orange, brownish-orange, straw, purplish, brilliant, stained, ochre, rose, rainbow-like, major, garish, minor, darkness, colored, reddish, kaleidoscopic, sorrel, rose-red, roseate, taupe, blae, buff, shaded, bright-hued, rich, tannish, red, colouring, inky, color scheme, brownish yellow, varicolored, tangerine, carmine, olive brown, russet, sapphire, mouselike, rusty, polychromatic, canary-yellow, flash, brown, scarlet, color, dark blue, green, gilt, bright blue, brownish-red, coral, rust, aureate, avocado, flat, watercress, mauve, moss green, cherry, caramel brown, pinkish, maroon, tinted, bottle-green, painted, variegated, stone, gold, diatonic, vermilion, spectral, orangish, hazel, purple, mosslike, yellow-brown, mousy, lavender, dark-brown, xanthous, ruby, lurid, chartreuse, sea-green, beige, gaudy, light-green, bronzy, teal, tonic, yellowish, golden, olive-drab, cress green, mossy, peacock-blue, prismatic, crimson.

dull, monochromic, ebon, slatey, ash-gray, snowy, washed-out, achromatic, inky-black, iron-gray, oxford-gray, pearl gray, argent, jet-black, milk-white, pearly, faint, pearly-white, diatonic, greyish, monochromatic, faded, whitish, iron-grey, soot-black, slaty, silverish, charcoal, bleached, silver-gray, blackish, off-white, pitchy, solid, silver, stone-gray, grayish, charcoal-grey, hueless, sooty, ash-grey, ink-black, pallid, snow-white, oxford-grey, inky, charcoal-gray, colorless, silver-grey, neutral, ashy, slate-gray, self-colored, canescent, lily-white, pale, silvery, coal-black, grey, jet, sable, blue-black, chalky, monotone, gray, ebony.

Examples of usage:

1) Then he tore the chromatic splendors of the device on the envelope, and read the following epistle: " Early English Bunhouse, " Chelsea, Friday. - "The Mark Of Cain", Andrew Lang.

2) Miss Cat's songs are far too chromatic to be appreciated by human ears; as a result her concertos and solos are rarely spoken of by human critics. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.

3) After some angry chords he began playing chromatic scales. - "The Saint", Antonio Fogazzaro Commentator: William Roscoe Thayer.