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Spell check of burgeoned

Correct spelling: burgeoned

enlarged, maximized, lengthened, augmented, added, inflated, dilated, upgraded, fattened, stretched, multiplied, broadened, extended, incremented, developed, elevated, advanced, boosted, grew, reinforced, swelled, increased, magnified, accrued, spread, heightened, swollen, raised, engorged, amplified, expanded, distended, thickened, widened, grown.

Examples of usage:

1) In the midst of this society his own mind grew green again and blossomed; or, as he would have said, " burgeoned." - "Charles Lamb", Barry Cornwall.

2) Beneath their crowns and handkerchiefs burgeoned forth plaits of false hair decorated with coral and silver ornaments. - "The Garden Of Allah", Robert Hichens.

3) He burgeoned, expanded, flung back his head in the old, imperial way. - "Dreamers of the Ghetto", I. Zangwill.