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Spell check of broom

Correct spelling: broom

span, feather duster, ling, sweep up, forsythia, Calluna vulgaris, eelpout, tangle, swab, cusk, drag in, heather mixture, whisk, dishwasher, sail, hibiscus, fuchsia, whisk broom, traverse, cleaner, ling ko, swing out, azalea, embroil, Scots heather, besom, kitchen paper, blackthorn, buddleia, burbot, heather, sweep, coca, cross, Brillo pad, gorse, carpet sweeper, Hoover, swing, dogwood, buffer, brush, mop, drag.

Examples of usage:

1) Why, if a man isn't properly planted on his pins, a broom- handle falling against him will upset him.

2) " We must each bring a broom, and soap-" " And rags," suggested Jean.

3) She waited until ’ Dolph and the broom had moved out to the platform.