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Spell check of break out

Correct spelling: break out

get around, blaze, lam, violate, go bad, discover, bunk, expose, come off, conk out, demote, ruin, emigrate, discharge, come apart, fall apart, wear, come into being, dodge, evade, unwrap, separate, soften, dampen, split up, give way, black eye, escaped, give away, weaken, free, bankrupt, depart, push through, break up, interrupt, fracture, flare up, intermit, set in, bolt, break for, abrasion, burst out, stop, break in, turn tail, bail out, blotch, pause, head for the hills, break away, escapee, begin, fly the coop, start, go, arrive, get away, better, bail, erupt, part, run away, wear out, scarper, bust out, let on, kick downstairs, scat, elude, circumvent, belch, bring out, run, founder, blister, chip, conflagrate, flame, secede, fall in, boil, offend, breach, break through, bump, chip off, transgress, arise, throw off, originate, damp, snap off, explode, cave in, smash, infract, reveal, recrudesce, come out, go against, hightail it, catch fire, breakout, break open, combust, flare, break off, disclose, give out, burst, give, skip, escape, collapse, bust, take to the woods, irrupt, break down, commence, break, break-dance, leave, let out, check, abscess, flee, discontinue, develop, splinter, die, ignite, split, relegate, extravasate, make off with, blackhead, bedsore, blemish, get out, fail, athlete's foot, divulge, take fire.