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Spell check of breach

Correct spelling: breach

disaffection, disobey, scandalize, perforation, battlefield, break out, cry off, open, abyss, division, iniquity, void, respite, cut, excess, breaking, soften, rupture, demote, plunder, non-compliance, noncompliance, let on, severance, squeeze, malefaction, misdoing, break up, sin, interrupt, founder, appal, wrongdoing, hurt, faulting, enormity, scandalise, dishonor, estrangement, expose, come apart, felony, wear out, offend, remoteness, fracture, depravity, gap, breakage, impropriety, give, fall apart, break off, suspension, get around, give away, erupt, offense, open frame, segregation, evil, prisonbreak, space, collapse, inapplicability, injustice, reveal, bust, split, alienation, push, let out, interstice, cleft, disagreement, dispute, emplacement, defy, chasm, extraneousness, unwrap, recess, decadence, bump, dampen, break of serve, bankrupt, profane, part, inappropriateness, cross, other, defiance, indecorousness, ruin, falling out, conk out, disruption, intermission, noncooperation, conflict, bridgehead, opening, pique, right, nonobservance, backpedal, check, traverse, crevice, transgression, appall, disclose, get out, trespass, notch, discover, dissociation, burst, fault, misunderstanding, develop, time out, shock, discontinue, overstep, gulf, foreignness, spite, divulge, split up, challenge, help, good luck, back out, beachhead, disputed, contravention, assemble, kick downstairs, interval, disjunction, buffer zone, shift, argument, irrelevance, desecrate, misdemeanor, snap off, better, unsuitability, go bad, encroachment, fall in, detachment, give way, dishonour, discontinuity, atrocity, go back on, cut through, duck out of, rent, transgress, quarrel, spoil, separate, wear, weaken, smash, cave in, misdeed, relegate, cockpit, damp, infringement, debt, break in, infringe, ravine, wrong, stop, unfitness, bring out, disobedience, slit, recrudesce, buck, hiatus, interruption, assault, pause, prison-breaking, renege, insubordination, break, schism, die, fight, fissure, break away, despoil, separation, go against, give out, mischief, contravene, flout, dugout, happy chance, cut across, infraction, controversy, improperness, fail, intermit, error, break dance, immorality, wound, rift, outrage, bulldoze, bastion, go, geological fault, jailbreak, gaolbreak, injure, break down, difference, crime, severing, confrontation, ravish, violation, bruise, breakout, villainy, violate, infract, lawbreaking.

guiltlessness, observance, innocence, goodness, morality, blamelessness, irreproachability, faultlessness, upholding, virtuousness, righteousness, respecting, impeccability, virtue.

Examples of usage:

1) He wanted to cast aside this absurd party, to hurry home alone with Clare, to sit alone with her in the little house and to reach the divine moment when reconciliation came and they were closer to one another than ever before- and then there was the horrible suggestion that there would be no reconciliation, that Clare would make of this absurd quarrel an eternal breach, that things would never be right again. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) I can say, without a breach of modesty, that I have been a great deer- hunter. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) She was blind and foolish in doing nothing to heal the breach. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.