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Spell check of boycott

Correct spelling: boycott

closet, hermitic, evict, proscription, reject, elimination, solitary, ostracize, extirpate, cordoned, confine, exclusion, amputate, expatriation, sequester, secluded, repudiate, chase, blacklist, defect, apostasy, rejection, oust, blackball, aloof, detach, isolate, disbar, ejection, insulate, foment, eject, extirpated, extradition, extradited, seclude, amputation, prohibit, eliminated, xenophobic, remove, forbiddance, banished, accept, outcast, excluded, isolated, exile, demonstrate, agitation, proscribe, shut out, disbarred, ostracise, cordon, alone, excision, agitate, blacklisted, alienate, expatriated, closeted, eradication, sequestered, lonely, exiled, 7/7, renouncement, excommunicate, antisocial, deportation, denial, expel, civil disobedience, barricade, prohibition, deport, cloister, abscission, excommunicated, disallow, 9/11, relegate, disqualify, strike, maverick, deny, cloistered, disallowance, removal, destabilize, blackballed, excise, banish, bioterrorism, bring down, eliminate, alienated, dislodge, anarchy, ejected, banishment, anonymous, agriterrorism, reclusive, ignore, avoid, misanthropic, expatriate, screen, segregated, ban, separated, ostracized, detached, relegation, renounce, excommunication, separate, exclude, repudiation, extradite, disbarment, bar, ostracism, segregate, confined, forbid, deported, eradicate.

patronize, shop at, sponsor, shop, frequent, buy at, patronise.

Examples of usage:

1) It's nothing but a boycott. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

2) She saw no cause for any boycott. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.

3) When a boycott is started by the countries south of the Union your enemies in Europe will begin to act. - "Psycho-Phone Messages", Francis Grierson.