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Spell check of bluntness

Correct spelling: bluntness

chilliness, plainspokenness, ponderousness, aloofness, naivete, drowsiness, simplicity, unreserve, incisiveness, conciseness, dispassion, abruptness, ruthlessness, frostiness, brusqueness, boorishness, artlessness, dimness, briskness, apathy, directness, candidness, candor, toughness, grimness, informality, coolness, broadness, unpretentiousness, stupidness, leanness, sharpness, sluggishness, keenness, openness, stringency, sternness, compactness, acuteness, stupefaction, sopor, indifference, casualness, outspokenness, strictness, discipline, callowness, harshness, insensitivity, preciseness, intelligibility, denseness, rigorousness, openheartedness, unguardedness, terseness, nonchalance, acerbity, ordinariness, intensity, baldness, austerity, slowness, correctness, oppressiveness, dryness, dulness, dullness, sincerity, shortness, genuineness, briefness, naturalness, succinctness, numbness, passivity, crispness, sleepiness, lethargy, emotionlessness, objectiveness, bleakness, severity, plumpness, trust, starkness, forthrightness, hardness, brevity, honesty, astringency, plainness, heartlessness, unsophistication, causticity, curtness, insensitiveness, clearness, meticulousness, doltishness, pointlessness, callousness, gruffness, unreservedness, clarity, detachment, straightforwardness, frankness, obtuseness, hardheartedness, authoritarianism.

sharpness, shyness, dissembling, circuitousness, keenness, restraint, asperity, secretiveness, evasiveness, reticence, inhibition, reserve, indirection, dissimulation, tact, diplomacy.

Examples of usage:

1) Bernard's reply was wholly courteous, the boy's bluntness notwithstanding. - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.

2) Mr. Benjamin said, with unaccustomed bluntness. - "The New Tenant", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

3) " If you reckon on having married a genius, I'm afraid you're wrong," he said, with a bluntness not usual in him. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.