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Spell check of beguiling

Correct spelling: beguiling

misleading, distracting, scheming, dishonest, cunning, adorable, nice-looking, cagey, bewitching, captivating, frivolous, jolly, crafty, seductive, charming, light-hearted, sly, merry, guileful, tantalizing, delightful, slick, stunning, desirable, eye-catching, dishonorable, stimulating, devious, deluding, relaxing, deceiving, enthralling, playful, appealing, refreshing, lovely, subtle, fallacious, tricky, knockout, cute, wily, jocular, tempting, fun, alluring, dodgy, foxy, rollicking, entertaining, deceitful, lightening, recreational, delusory, amusing, hilarious, delighting, false, tantalising, enticing, pleasing, delusive, designing, diverting, specious, shrewd.

guileless, patent, free-spoken, trustworthy, elucidative, innocent, outspoken, plainspoken, candid, openhearted, plain, artless, honest, straightforward, aboveboard, unaffected, clarifying, undesigning, foursquare, unsophisticated, public, unconcealed, unseductive, direct, forthright, illuminating, unworldly, ingenuous, childlike, honorable, revealing, revelatory, unforced, unpretentious, truthful, real, explanatory, sincere, simple, unpretending, unvarnished, unstudied, trustful, straight, frank, impressionable, obvious, open, natural, simpleminded, trusting.

Examples of usage:

1) It might have been better for her if she had proved less beguiling. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.

2) Her strong nature defended itself vigorously against the influence of this beguiling insidious force which had taken captive her heart and threatened to subdue her reason. - "Erlach Court", Ossip Schubin.

3) Her new fancy seated by her side, or hovering around her, whispering honeyed speeches into her ear- beguiling her with those words of wickedness, whose usage he well understands? - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.