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Spell check of barring

Correct spelling: barring

venting, interdiction, relegating, impeding, fouling, shedding, countering, inhibiting, paralyzing, restraining, blackballing, preventing, excreting, junking, averting, hindering, erupting, controlling, vomiting, ousting, impairing, thwarting, blocking, refusing, ignoring, upholding, screening, responding, belching, chilling, enjoining, plugging, depressing, replying, discouraging, discarding, defending, proscribing, repudiating, diverting, admonishing, resisting, blackball, disapproving, opposing, shearing, discharging, prohibiting, interrupting, catching, snarling, disheartening, excluding, securing, choking, chopping, crippling, curbing, clipping, supporting, policing, dragging, constipating, deterring, jamming, expelling, retorting, clogging, returning, hampering, daunting, culling, baffling, checking, sustaining, safeguarding, exhausting, proscription, outlawing, covering, draining, precluding, suppressing, saving, encumbering, detaining, trashing, dampening, intimidating, delaying, answering, frustrating, arguing, forbidding, stopping, renouncing, cutting, shielding, abandoning, cramping, seeping, guarding, banning, interdicting, burdening, braking, disgorging, disqualifying, sheltering, protecting, emitting, restricting, constraining.

sufferance, support, clearance, approval, obedience, promotion, allowance, submission, encouragement, sanction, license, permission, endorsement, compliance, toleration, authorization.

Examples of usage:

1) Still, barring a fondness for the trail which led to town, they were not unfaithful to their trust. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Once he was almost at the point of turning the calf loose; for barring out brands, even illegal brands, is justly looked upon with disfavor, to say the least. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) All the men are unjust to their wives, barring the honorable exception just named; therefore it has always been my policy to make Mrs. Armsby a notable exception. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.