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Spell check of barrens

Correct spelling: barrens

Examples of usage:

1) The barrens of which I spoke are treeless plains in the northern forest, the beds of ancient shallow lakes. - "Ways of Wood Folk", William J. Long.

2) Years later, and miles away on the Renous barrens, I saw another and more wonderful bit of the same keen hunting. - "A Little Brother to the Bear and other Animal Stories", William Long.

3) In passing over the Barrens, a few miles beyond Hardinsburgh, I observed the pigeons flying, from northeast to southwest, in greater numbers than I thought I had ever seen them before, and feeling an inclination to count the flocks that might pass within the reach of my eye in one hour, I dismounted, seated myself on an eminence, and began to mark with my pencil, making a dot for every flock that passed. - "McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader", William Holmes McGuffey.