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Spell check of ballooning

Correct spelling: ballooning

fizzing, drop, clouding, boiling, effervescing, free fall, bubbling, foaming, base jumping, bale out, frothing, chute, aerating, bungee jumping, gliding, cliff jumping, spraying, increasing, lathering, bail out.

Examples of usage:

1) He had some slight preference for ballooning, this being his sixteenth ascent, including the time when the balloon burst, and the occupants of the car came rattling down from a height of three thousand feet, and were saved only by the fortuitous draping of the half emptied balloon, which prevented all the gas from escaping. - "Faces and Places", Henry William Lucy.

2) We're engaged; I'm to do ballooning- you know I worked one of the military balloons before Petersburg. - "The Maids of Paradise", Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers.

3) This we eventually did, and my ballooning friends accepted my invitation to take dinner at the hotel with me, so that after my adventure of the day I had a very pleasant evening. - "The Mysterious Shin Shira", George Edward Farrow.