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Spell check of airlift

Correct spelling: airlift

go up, elevation, air traffic control, facelift, come up, get up, wind, lift, overturn, nip and tuck, move up, plagiarise, elevate, rustle, rear, aerospace, cosmetic surgery, hoist, face-lift, vacate, down, ski lift, purloin, aerodynamic lift, cabbage, annul, raising, come down, eject, air corridor, face lifting, elevator, aerobatics, arise, pilfer, rise, transportation, drop, countermand, snarf, ski tow, airborne, airspeed, filch, uprise, ditch, captain, air-to-air, bring up, airdrop, repeal, revoke, raise, buzz, reverse, plagiarize, abstract, hook, sneak, pinch, swipe, air pocket, rhytidectomy, heave, bank, rhytidoplasty, nobble, climb, rescind.

Examples of usage:

1) The Soviet effort to capture Berlin by blockade was thwarted by the courageous Allied airlift. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present", Various.

2) What can you scrape up to send to Kankad's Town to airlift Kragans in? - "Uller Uprising", Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr.