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Spell check of affected

Correct spelling: affected

swayed, flourishing, ersatz, masquerading, inclined, staged, stricken, showy, attached, pompous, false, handicapped, touched, indisposed, hurt, feigned, melodramatic, diseased, showed, overdone, motivated, sugary, smitten, pseudo, ill, mechanical, influenced, prejudiced, bogus, inflicted, shameless, mastered, infected, ailing, phony, disguised, bluffed, garish, commanded, formal, pestilent, sick, mock, ornate, fussy, forced, masqueraded, impersonating, agonistic, put-on, defrauded, blatant, dramatic, tender, unnatural, sympathetic, empowered, imposture, elocutionary, imitation, high-minded, claimed, covered, studied, overwrought, afflicted, controlled, assumed, melted, splashy, led, self-conscious, posing, flamboyant, plastic, falsified, involved, decrepit, counterfeited, grandiose, fake, abnormal, honest, biased, true, la-di-da, plain, attacked, highfalutin, interested, theatrical, concerned, stilted, plummy, overwhelmed, faked, synthetic, indifferent, concern, unhealthy, impersonated, artificial, pedantic, pretended, authorized, pretentious, altered, stagy, disabled, snazzy, arty, hollow, spurious, apish, sickly, facade, disingenuous, simple, opulent, flashy, precious, sorry, impressed, exhibitionistic, rakish, simulated, boastful, partial, jaunty, factitious, constrained, gaudy, struck, changed, stiff, deceitful, dashing, insincere, posed, infirm, ostentatious, mannered, grandiloquent, stage-struck, sensational, pressured, injured, sham, snippy, unmoved, contrived, flaunting, histrionic, nauseous, good, wonder-struck, predominated, fraudulent, stirred, vain, powered, strained, imitated, forged, moved, cursed, deceived, compassionate, taken, natural, flagrant, counterfeit.

down-to-earth, uncontrived, uninfluenced, superior, extemporaneous, hostile, demure, instinctive, bashful, humble, unassuming, modest, unpretentious, uninterested, allergic, real, reserved, ingenuous, antagonistic, homely, unrehearsed, averse, sincere, disenchanted, realistic, impromptu, true, mousy, disaffected, scornful, genuine, artless, immune, honest, unimpressed, unstilted, smooth, unfeigned, unstudied, meek, unassertive, timid, disdainful, retiring, effortless, lowly, lifelike, untouched, easy, spontaneous, overmodest, shy, contemptuous, impulsive, unprompted, indifferent, unforced, estranged, unpretending, right, unconscious, unswayed, disinclined, authentic, apathetic, quiet, diffident, antipathetic, passive, unmannered, cool, unselfconscious, unaffected, bona fide, alienated, natural.

Examples of usage:

1) She was staring straight into his eyes, and he knew that she was thinking of something that affected her a good deal. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) The touch of the small, cool hand in his affected Glenning strangely. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) I had to touch her with my hands; to put back the hair from the affected ear. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.